Got some troublesome, undesirable, unhealthy, or just plain ugly trees you want  to get rid of?Photo of a flat bed truck loading with logs from a tree the Fallowfield Tree Farm experts have just removed

Fallowfield Tree Farm Professional Tree Removal Service – can make them a thing of the past for you  – with no stump left behind!

Tree Removal Services…

Unless you happen to have a massive tree scoop parked in your driveway – if you have problem trees you could probably use our help.

In addition to what grows above ground, large, established trees can be very deep-rooted, too… both of which can make them tough to remove safely and effectively.

Indeed, removing them takes specific knowledge, skill, and precision – especially if you want to re-plant that tree somewhere else.

The experts at Fallowfield Tree Farm will make removing your tree(s) simple, quick, clean, safe, and stress-free… and who doesn’t love to hear that?

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Stump Grinding Services…Removing the stump with a heavy-duty, specialized stump grinding machine - Ottawa Fallowfield Tree Farm stump grinding services - 613-720-3451

And once we've removed your tree, let us do the stump grinding for you, too…

Think how much nicer your yard will look without those rotten, decaying relics of trees gone by.

By grinding the stump, we avoid having to dig up your yard with all the inherent disruption associated with it.

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