Need ready-to-burn firewood?

Here on the Farm we've got your firewood needs covered…Cartoon of a big guy with an ax, wearing a red plaid shirt and a beanie cap with "Fallowfield" on the brim, getting ready to chop a large pile of wood

We've usually got plenty of hardwood firewood (mostly ash & maple) ready for you.

Photo of a family with colorful socks warming their feet in front of a blazing fire of cut, dried, split hardwood firewood from Fallowfield Tree FarmAnd if you can pick it up from the Farm,
it's only $90 per face cord

We’re talking about hardwood cut to length, split to proper burning size, dried to approximately 20% moisture content, and ready to burn right now – ideal for fireplaces, stoves, or furnaces.

Need us to deliver?

For a nominal fee – which is based on how much firewood you'll need, we can deliver your firewood within the Ottawa area.

Save some $$$?

If you're handy, have the energy and the tools, and would like to save on your firewood
by doing some of the work yourself… w
e also sell full, unsplit logs for only $50 a face cord.

All you’ll need is a bit of elbow grease, a chain or buck saw, and a good ax or wood-splitter.graphic of a wood fire with 'Kiln-dried Pine Kindling Wood" in red imposed over it - from Fallowfileld Ottawa Tree Farm


Newly Added...

To make starting your fires easier, we now offer kiln-dried, pine kindling for $6 a bag (approximately 8 pounds/3.6 kilos) of pre split, ready to burn pieces of pine… the perfect wood for the job.


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