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Fine trees & tree services from Fallowfield Tree Farm Inc…

No high-falutin' industry-speak – just good, no-nonsense advice,
And a great tree farm with great trees (and great value) for your landscape…Picture of our large tree spade with a caption that reads - "We can move all kinds of TREES!"

    At Fallowfield Tree Farm Inc we specialize in nurturing and then carefully removing your choice of farm-grown trees from our own, larger than usual, mature, large caliper tree collection – and then planting them where you want them  – trees to add that extra punch, or ‘WOW’ factor, to complete your landscape.

   We can also help you relocate or remove the trees you already own, both big and small (up to 9-10 inches in diameter).

We’ll even help you with solutions on removing troublesome, undesirable, unhealthy, or just plain ugly trees – with no stump left behind. And if you’ve already gotten rid of the tree, we can do the stump grinding for you, too.


Here's a more in-depth look at our tree and tree services offerings…

Landscape Trees…

A large part of our farm features a broad choice of mature, 'will-look-absolutely-stunning-in-your-yard' large-caliper trees of all varieties.

Our Coniferous collection – these evergreen trees range from 3 - 20 feet, and 2 - 10 inches in
caliper size, including  a wide range of spruce, pine, cedar, Our BIG, new tree spade lets us move your really BIG trees - Fallowfield Tree Farmbalsam, fir… and more.

Our Deciduous collection – these leafy trees range from 5 - 30 feet, and 2 – 10 inches in caliper size, including oak, a wide range of maples, walnut, fruit trees… and more.

And now – with our BIG tree spade – we can move your large, 9-10 inch caliper trees, too…

Did we mention it's BIG?

So why would ever you buy 3 - 4 foot striplings from a 'big box' store…
And then have to wait 15-20 years for them to grow and fill in?

When you can choose your special large, more mature tree (or several of them) from our collections – at reasonable prices? We'll even deliver and plant them for you. Guess you could almost call it ‘instant trees!’

So, come on out to the farm – maybe even bring your family – and choose a tree or two.

We’ll give you a quote for each tree, as well as an all-in quote to deliver and install.

Give us a call TODAY – 613.720.3451
Or e-mail us for your FREE, no-obligation estimate…



Tree Planting/Installation…Organizing mature coniferous trees for delivery and planting using our tree scoop/bucket tractor - Fallowfield Tree Farm - 613-720-3451

Our motto is – ‘You choose it, we’ll plant it.

So, whether you’re looking for coniferous or deciduous trees, saplings more mature than typical, skinny, big box store striplings – to fill a void in your yard or garden – let us help.

What's a relatively easy job for us – will save you from a long, back-breaking job… and heck, we’re happy to help.

Delivery/installation includes excavating a proper hole for the root ball, necessary fertilizers, bonemeal, and extra soil & mulch, as required.

We’ll even give you a no-quibble, one-year warranty on your tree(s).

We strive to do whatever it takes to ensure you’re satisfied with your new landscape trees, and that you’ll be enjoying them for many, many years to come.

Give us a call TODAY  613.720.3451
Or e-mail us for your FREE, no-obligation estimate…


Tree Relocating…Hoisting a mature coniferous tree with rootball to plant it, using our tree scoop/bucket tractor - Fallowfield Tree Farm - 613-720-3451

Already have that perfect tree – but it’s just not in the perfect place?

No problem! Help is as close as your phone. Uprooting, moving and replanting your tree… are all in a days work for us – which means no hassles for you.

And when the job is done, there will be little evidence we've been there… except of course, the tree will be gone (or moved to a different place on your property).

All that – and our services are reasonable and fully insured, too.

Give us a call TODAY  613.720.3451
e-mail us for your FREE, no-obligation estimate…


Tree Removal…

Got some troublesome, undesirable, unhealthy, or just plain ugly trees?

With Fallowfield Tree Farm Inc, you can make them history – with no stump left behind.removing a coniferous tree damaged in a storm - Fallowfield Tree Farm, Ottawa - tree removal services - 613-720-3351

If you have problem trees, unless you have a massive tree scoop parked in your driveway, you could probably use our help. Large, established trees are deep-rooted and can be really tough to deal with safely and effectively.

And removing them takes skill and precision, especially if you want to re-plant the tree somewhere else.

Using the Fallowfield Tree Farm Inc experts makes your job simple, clean, and stress-free… and who doesn’t love to hear that?

Give us a call TODAY  613.720.3451
e-mail us   for your FREE, no-obligation estimate…


Stump Grinding…Removing the stump with a heavy-duty, specialized stump grinding machine - Ottawa Fallowfield Tree Farm stump grinding services - 613-720-3451

Whether we cut your tree, or you’ve already got the stump, let us do the stump grinding for you, too… think how much nicer your yard will look without those rotten, decaying relics of trees gone by disturbing your landscape.

Give us a call TODAY  613.720.3451
e-mail us for your FREE, no-obligation estimate



Ottawa Fallowfield Tree Farm tree scoop and bucket tractor of tree transplanting, moving and removal - 613-720-3451

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