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Hedge Cedar Trees…

We get lots of calls for hedge cedars,
So we wanted you to know we have lots of
Hedge cedars available in a couple of varieties…

Shaped hedge cedars – Our most popular privacy hedge Photo of a beautiful, newly planted, shaped cedar hedge - available from Fallowfield Tree Farmsolution – The difference between our shaped cedars and our field cedars (below), is that as our designated shaped cedars grow, we trim, prune, groom and shape them – to give them a beautiful, full, bushy, uniform, conical shape.

What this means is – once planted, they'll fill in and give you a true privacy hedge much, much faster than our traditional field cedars, so you won't be waiting as long for the privacy you were after to begin with.

And, because our shaped cedars are fuller, you can plant them farther apart, meaning you won't need as many to fill your linear space as you would with field cedars…

So, if you're after an almost instant privacy hedge,  , ,at only $15.00 per vertical foot (of height) these beautiful, shaped hedge cedars  are you're best bet…

Your striking shaped cedar hedge is sure to be the envy of your neighborhood.

For a quote on shaped hedge cedars or more details call TODAY 613.720.3451  
Or email us

What our clients are saying about Fallowfield Tree Farm Inc… 

I wanted to write and thank Kenny and everyone who helped in the great service in delivering cedars and fire wood we purchased. Also providing tree stump removal service – what a great job!

The professionalism and timeliness of your delivery was so appreciated as we had help lined up.

A big thumbs up to you guys!

Laurie Quenneville, Dunrobin
K9Kanteen.com / MooseLakeLabs.com 


Field hedge cedars – the 'field' in field hedge cedars means they grow naturally (or wild) on our farm – and because they have to compete with other plant life, they tend to grow taller & thinner than our shaped hedge cedars… in other words, they don't have the same chance to fill-out and become as full and bushy as our shaped varieties do .

We don't groom, prune or shape them, either – but at only $5.00 for each vertical foot of height (depending on the height of the  cedars you choose)… the price is right.


We can plant them for you, too…

If you just don’t want the hassle, we’ll be glad to take care of planting your new cedar hedge for you – which can include…
  •  Digging the trench for your hedge (using our mini excavator)
  •  Fertilizing the trench before planting the cedars
  •  Planting your cedars (appropriately spaced, depending on size)
  •  And 
our replacement warranty*


*Some conditions apply – be sure to ask us for details

All for only about $22 for each linear foot of hedge with a minimum charge of $600 ** (in addition to the cost of the cedars themselves, of course)

** Note – If, for whatever reason, your property layout doesn’t let us use our excavator and we have to do your work by hand, additional charges will apply.

Once we're done, all you’ll have to do is keep them adequately watered & fed, have them pruned periodically… and of course, enjoy watching them grow!


Newly planted hedge, using 'hedge cedars from Fallowfield Tree Farm p 613-720-3451

A third option – Pyramid cedars…
While Pyramid cedars have a natural conical shape, and tend to be relatively low maintenance, they’re intended as decorative trees, and so, won’t fill-in fully the way our shaped or field cedars do. They’re typically planted with good spacing between them, so they won’t interfere with each other… making them nice to look at, but not as effective as shaped or field cedars at creating privacy.

Pyramid Cedar pricing (includes planting & warranty)

Call us for details and pricing 613.720.3451…  
Or email us


We’ll be glad to discuss the differences and relative advantages of each of these three hedge options with you…

Give us a call NOW 613.720.3451…  
Or email us 


What our clients are saying about Fallowfield Tree Farm Inc…

“If you love to have an enjoyable, well deserved, secluded evergreen area on your property, then we have recommendation for you.

A few years ago, my wife and I came up with a project to make our property greener, a place welcoming for relaxation with our family and friends, and also adding value to our property.

To accomplish our project, we were looking for strong, healthy trees. We took extra time and after thorough research we discovered Fallowfield Tree Farm!

We can honestly say we made a great choice!

Our cedar hedge and all the trees on our premium property around our house look astonishing.

Everyone in the neighborhood is admiring and complementing our trees and hedges.

Thank you, Fallowfield Tree Farm, for the amazing job planting them on our property. The cedar hedges and trees look remarkable. We now definitely have the beautiful healthy, green property we always wished for.

Kenny, Karen and their dedicated staff are very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.

The job was done on time and properly. The price was very-very reasonable. We’re extremely satisfied and will always return.

At the Fallowfield Tree Farm, they’re always there for their customers. Even if we had just a simple question, or we needed some consultation or recommendation regarding the trees and greenery, they were always there to help us, and they always found a solution for us.

Thank you once again Fallowfield Tree Farm.”

George & Livia
Friendly Crescent, Stittsville


Well deliver your hedges and anything else you need

Give us a call for details NOW 613.720.3451…   

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